Cups and Tumblers: Hand Building with Slabs and Templates


Enjoy the creative pleasure of making functional pottery off the wheel! Students will create hand-built cups and tumblers by utilizing templates and thin clay slabs, as well as learning how to properly prepare clay for the slab roller and how to create unique templates using online tools. Care will be taken with each piece to pinch and shape the slabs for an interesting form that functions beautifully. After a lunch break, the instructor will demonstrate mishima, an inlay technique, using colorful underglazes to decorate the surface of the unfired clay. Pieces can be completed after the bisque fire with a simple dip of clear glaze.

Sept 29 (Sat) 12:30–5:30P
Andrea Christie – 1 session
$74 (Members: $67) and $10 glaze/firing fee

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