Functional Pottery: Form and Surface


Focus on surface but push skills further in form and techniques of thrown pottery now that you have the basics down. Explore techniques such as Mishima and sgraffito and learn to make underglaze decals and ceramic printing inks. Be ready on the first class with a few jpgs on a thumb drive of bold black-and-white images (patterns recommended) for silk-screen printing on clay. Get excited about designs to put on pottery for years to come!

Sept 12–Oct 24 (Wed) 1–4P
Melissa Mencini – 7 sessions
$214 (Members: $193) and $35 glaze/firing fee
Oct 31–Dec 12 (Wed) 6–9P
Melissa Mencini – 6 sessions
$184 (Members: $166) and $35 glaze/firing fee
(No class Nov 21)

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