Life Drawing I


This is an ideal class for total beginners or those looking to polish rusty skills. Employ basic principles of drawing while working from a live model. Use a variety of materials including charcoal and Conté crayon to learn proportion, foreshortening, and other core principles, with time for individual instruction.

Sept 9–Oct 14 (Sun) 1–4P
David Thornberry – 6 sessions
$179 (Members: $161) and $45 model fee
Sept 12–Oct 24 (Wed) 6–9P
Greg Piwonka – 7 sessions
$199 (Members: $179) and $45 model fee
Sept 20–Oct 25 (Thurs) 9:30A–12P
David Everett – 6 sessions
$149 (Members: $135) and $45 model fee

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