Screen Printing


Have you ever wanted to print your own T-shirts, posters, or cards? Master the fundamentals of screen printing so you can experiment confidently. Learn how to prepare digital and hand-drawn photo positives, how to coat and expose screens using the photo emulsion process, and registration methods and techniques for multicolor and edition printing. Create an edition of prints and participate in a group print exchange.

Sept 11–Oct 23 (Tues) 9A–12P
Art School Faculty – 7 sessions
$199 (Members: $179) and $40 supply fee
Sept 12–Oct 24 (Wed) 6–9P
Jonas Criscoe – 7 sessions
$199 (Members: $179) and $40 supply fee
Oct 31–Dec 12 (Wed) 6–9P
Jonas Criscoe – 6 sessions
$179 (Members: $161) and $40 supply fee
(No class Nov 21)

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