Art Flavours

Artist Tim Etchells’s Art Flavours involves the creation of new flavors of gelato inspired by curatorial concepts and terms from contemporary art. This process was documented on video, and the completed work will be shown as both video installation and performance intervention, in which samples of the gelato are given free to the public.

Art Flavours is based on a series of interactions between Etchells, a gelato maker (Osvaldo Castellari, based near Rovereto, Italy), and the Italian critic and curator Roberto Pinto. During the project's process, Pinto presented a selection of concepts or themes drawn from the discussion of contemporary art--the Body, the Archive, the Spectacle, and Memory--to Castellari, who interpreted the concepts into corresponding gelato flavors.

Staging an encounter between popular confectionary and art practice, Art Flavours plays with the possibility (and impossibility) of translating the specialized language of the art world into new edibles for the public. Art Flavours reflects Etchells’s interest in the interface between different discourses and cultural frames (in this case, art, confectionary, and commerce) and the potential for communication and miscommunication between them.

This performance is part of the Fusebox Festival’s 2014 Digestible Feats series.

Gelato flavors for Fusebox have been re-created and reimagined by Dolce Neve of Austin, Texas, from the recipes of Osvaldo Castellari.

Friday, April 18, 12–6P
Screenings every half hour
Last screening at 5:30P
FREE Art Flavours gelato will be distributed outside the Jones Center from 12:30–2:30P and in the Community Room from 2:30–5:30P.

Sunday, April 20, 12–5P
Screenings every half hour
Last screening at 4:30P
FREE Art Flavours gelato will be distributed in the Community Room from 12–4:30P.